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Richard Phillips BSc, MSc, MPhil, PGCE, PhD Research Student


This website is perfect if you want to improve body composition, improve your knowledge of nutrition, and understand how different foods can have an influence on overall health, wellbeing, and sport performance.

I have spent close to a decade reading and now researching exercise metabolism with a focus on nutrition. This knowledge can help individuals lose weight sustainably, improve quality of life and exercise performance. 

There are no secrets, no fad diets, and no shortcuts toward a sustainable and evidence-based approach to maintaining a healthy weight. 

The human body is amazing. However, as with any intervention, changes can take time to observe. Some changes may happen quickly, some changes may take a long time. In some individuals, dietary changes can lead to metabolic improvements some 52-weeks later.

Diet Nutrition Sport Performance

Burn Fat:

If you have tried, or suffer from:

• Type 2 Diabetes

• Pre-Diabetes

• Insulin Resistance

• Holding excess body fat

• Hours exercising, with little success

• Every diet for weight loss with varied success

• Calorie counting and tracking

• Cravings for high-sugar and junk foods

• A lack of knowledge on healthy and body-building, nutritious foods

• Finding yourself feeling frustrated by constant yo-yo dieting 

• Impulsive eating, excessive hunger

• Anxiety

This course is for you.

Learn how good nutrition can help you improve your normal fat-burning metabolism by burning fat.


"I've always been skeptical about diets, but this one exceeded my expectations. The exercise testing and VO2 max testing felt like a personalized touch. The exercise training program has been a game-changer, subtly enhancing my overall well-being and exercise performance"
"I've tried various diet programs in the past, but this one is truly unique. The RMR testing and personalized diet changes have been life-changing. I feel healthier and more in tune with my body."
"This diet service has been a revelation. The exercise testing services, including VO2 max, added a scientific dimension to my journey. The diet changes and exercise training program have subtly transformed my health and fitness levels, leaving me feeling revitalized."
By day 3 I had a  headache, but then a clarity. I Felt a positive change happening. The tiredness and bloating went away. A very perceivable change! Now I don't have cravings or slumps in energy."
I feel really energetic, the best bit is my right knee and ankle used to hurt, now no I don't have pain after exercise, weights are fine; used to be very painful, so my recovery is way better."

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Kingston University London
American College of Sport Medicine
British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Exercise and Sport Science Australia
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