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Lose Weight, Feel Great: Burn Fat For Fuel

  • 42Days
  • 46Steps


Lose Weight, Feel Great. Burn Fat and Build Muscle. This program combines evolutionary principles with practical, everyday advice to guide you on a journey toward better health. By the end, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to transition to and maintain the ketogenic state. While you may have tried many diets, the ability to use fat as fuel instead of dietary carbohydrate, is complementary to energy regulation and your biology, and is a state humans are well-equipped to exist in. You'll be given knowledge that will help you cut through the noise regarding common and generalised dietary patterns, to learn how food affects you and your metabolism, and how it changes over time. Learn the secrets to weight loss nutrition and maintenance used by millions worldwide. You'll complete a starting interview and health-related quality of life questionnaire, and compare this at the end of the 6-week course. Each week focuses on a specific aspect of healthy eating and living, providing the tools you need to make lasting changes to your lifestyle. Week 1: Changing the Diet Week 2: Phase 1: Reduction Week 3: Phase 2: Weight Loss Week 4: Phase 3: Pre-Maintenance Week 5: Phase 4: Maintenance Week 6: Phase 5: Exercise for Health and Wellbeing Join us on this journey toward a healthier, happier you. This course is not just about losing weight; it’s about adopting a lifestyle that supports long-term metabolic health and overall well-being, and periodises nutrition for exercise performance.





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