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Getting Started

What Do I Get?

Guaranteed Support Toward Your Goals



This course is primarily educational to help keep you on track. With guidance mostly on good nutrition, and in some cases, supplementation and suggested testing to support your goals.

Have a question? We probably have an answer, although if we don't, we'll find a solution.

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Complete guide containing 100's of recipes and foods in a simple and accessible format. Guidance on foods to aim for, and foods to avoid.

Navigating what has become a nutritional minefield which has left individuals confused, this guidance simplifies diet.



While exercise is great for wellbeing and health, it's unlikely to work for weight loss in the long term. You won't find 'cutting calories and exercising more' here.

Simple, effective, and cost-saving strategies to improve strength and endurance into old age.

No gym? No worries!



You will have access to your coach for support at all times via WhatsApp and have the ability to book zoom catch up calls as often as you need.

Got a question? Ask.

How Does It Work?


Initial Interview

This is an interview to discuss your current lifestyle and exercise routines. There is also guidance on setting-up the service to facilitate your learning. 


The interview format is consistent with research for lifestyle interventions and is designed to be informative and practical to support you.

Dietary myths take time to dispel, so we'll have lots to discuss and personalise.

6hrs or 10hrs

Weekly Coaching

This is where you complete and submit your food diary along with personal data. 

Weekly sessions are tailored to the individual's questions and resources provided in answer to support their learning journey. 

The duration of the course is customisable towards the individual. We recommend 10-hours, however, this is a considerable commitment so the standard option is for a 6-hour course.


Final Interview

This is a summary interview to discuss the learning journey, along with any hurdles and barriers faced. 


The interview format is the same as the initial interview and will help provide a summary of progress with a clear perspective on how diet can impact individual wellbeing.

Fuel Smart

Reduce Fatigue, Improve Recovery

By learning how the body uses energy, how it changes over time, we can work together to tailor your nutrition requirements for your lifestyle.


Most things are individual, so it makes sense to dial in your nutrition towards your needs.

I don't see picture testimonials?

This service values the individual's right to privacy.


The coaching service comes with extensive pre-screening and assessment, along with tailored plans and interventions, giving you constant access to your coach.

We've helped a wide range of people including athletes engaging in Ironman distance triathlons, runners, cyclists and less active, busy professionals.

Let's get started

Why is this course so long?

Nutrition has been made intentionally confusing. In addition, processed foods are highly rewarding. Interventions take time to observe, as do changing habits and behaviours. 

My goal is to leave you with knowledge and understanding of how good nutrition can improve your quality of life. Not just for the next 7-days, but for the future. It's not a quick-fix.

Changes in the body take time to occur which is why we take time about it, because it's an investment for a lifetime.


This is a paid service. However, we recognise that personal circumstances may change during the 6-weeks working together.


Therefore you have the opportunity to pause and continue the sessions at a mutually agreed time, within a 6-month window.


In the unlikely event you would like to withdraw during the service, the refund will be calculated based on the total course cost and sessions remaining.


You will pay for what you have completed, and be given a refund for sessions not completed.

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


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