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Lab-grade metabolic assessment

We use The VO2 Master

Find out why Pro Triathlete Gustav Iden uses VO2 Master

Going beyond the traditional training methods and understanding what accurately affects your performance is achievable with VO2 Master.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mandatory Pre-Screening

  • Due to the intensity, the VO2 Max test will not be performed for everyone. The exercise testing will be similar in intensity and duration to what you currently perform as part of your current regular aerobic activity levels.  

  • Depending on your current fitness levels, participation in the VO2 Max test may lead to mild discomfort during exercise sessions, to include increased muscle soreness and exercise fatigue, but likely consistent with the exertion levels you currently experience.  

  • Participants will only be able to complete the tests with successful completion of all questions on the PARQ+ form. Participants will not be able to do take part in the VO2 Max test, unless recreationally active.  


  • Participants have to be 18+ to take part.

  • The test will only be performed if there is benefit to the customer and with successful completion of the PARQ+ Form.  

  • Services provided are not intended to diagnose, treat, or advise toward any medical condition.  

  • The purpose of this service is only to provide the customer with information stated within the report. and for fitness assessment. No further guidance beyond the information in this document is either indicated or provided. 

  • The service is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  

  • Testing protocols are strictly adhered to, and the service is only intended to help improve exercise enjoyment, performance and to share knowledge. 

Why is the VO2 Max Test useful

  • The crossover concept was first outlined by Brooks and Mercier to describe the relative balance between carbohydrate (CHO) and fat metabolism during sustained exercise. At rest and during exercise at low to moderate intensities (below 60% of maximal oxygen uptake), lipids serve as the main substrate for generating ATP.  

  • During high-intensity exercise (above 75% of maximal oxygen uptake), increases in muscle glycogenolysis and the recruitment of more type II muscle fibers promote a shift to CHO as the predominant substrate for generating ATP. 

  • The crossover point is the intensity where fat and carbohydrate utilization intersect as the energy from fat decreases and the energy from carbohydrate increases.  

  • Beyond this crossover point, further increases in power are met with further increments in CHO utilization and decrements in fat oxidation. 

  • The crossover point is affected by both the exercise intensity and endurance training status. Endurance training results in biochemical adaptations within the muscle fibers that promote and support oxidation of FFAs, including an increase in the number of mitochondria, increased oxidative enzymes, and changes in β-oxidation and the electron transport chain—all important determinants of fat metabolism.  

  • The result of training is to allow the body to spare muscle glycogen since carbohydrate stores within the body are limited.  

  • These training-induced adaptations shift the crossover point toward higher exercise intensities.  

  • Diet (energy supply and stores) and prior exercise play secondary roles in determining the balance of substrate utilization during submaximal exercise. 

Who is VO2 Max Testing For?

  • A VO2Max test can help athletes maximise their training to target them as individuals and for their specific sport. It can also help reduce the chances of injury by monitoring how hard you push.  

  • If you’re looking to get fitter, a VO2Max test can target your training around your physiology and makeup.  

  • Knowing your VO2Max helps make your workouts more effective and efficient, so you get results more quickly.  

  • VO2Max test is not just for athletes. If your goal is weight loss, we can help you understand what intensities you burn the most amount of fat and how to burn the greatest number of kcals. 

  • Fitness can be measured by the volume of oxygen you can consume while exercising at your maximum capacity. VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen in millilitres one can use in one minute per kilogram of body weight. 

  • Those who are fit have higher VO2 max values and can exercise more intensely than those who are not as well-conditioned. 

  • As part of any well-designed training program, testing is incorporated into the training to monitor effectiveness of the training stimulus and intervention. 

  • Frequent testing ensures the impact of training and lifestyle is monitored. 

VO2 Master provides Kristian Blummenfelt with a better understanding

With better data comes a better understanding of what's happening to your body, driving the competitive edge used by professional athletes.

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