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Online Starting Questionnaire and Interview

Filling Out a Form

As you embark on this course, we will use two essential tools to enhance your experience and measure your progress: the Health-Related Quality of Life Survey and Personalised Interviews.


The survey will monitor your physical and mental well-being,  while the personalised interviews will delve deeper into your experiences, focusing on your mood, energy, and performance.


These tools are designed to provide comprehensive support and ensure your health journey is both effective and fulfilling.


Learning Modules and Quizzes

Apex courses are structured into engaging learning modules, each designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge about different aspects of nutrition, the science behind diets, and lifestyle changes. Each module includes interactive content such as videos, readings, and practical tips to help you apply what you learn in your daily life.

To reinforce your understanding and track your progress, each module is followed by a quiz. These quizzes are not only a way to test your knowledge but also ensure that you are absorbing the material effectively. They will help you identify areas where you might need a bit more focus or review, ensuring that you feel confident as you move through the course.

This structured approach is designed to make your learning experience as informative and supportive as possible, giving you the tools you need to succeed on your health journey.

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Empowering you with Knowledge and Support

This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and support you need to achieve your health goals. Each learning module dives into key nutritional concepts and the scientific foundations of dieting, equipping you with the tools to make informed decisions about your health. The content is rich with interactive elements, such as videos and practical exercises, ensuring that learning is both engaging and effective.


Beyond individual learning, you'll gain access to a supportive community group right within our online platform. Here, you can connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and encourage each other throughout your journey. This group is a safe space for discussing challenges, celebrating successes, and exchanging tips, enhancing your learning experience with peer support.

Together, the knowledge you gain and the community you build here will not only guide you through the course but also empower you to maintain lasting changes towards better health.


Online Exit Questionnaire and Interview

As you near the completion of your diet course, we'll revisit the Health-Related Quality of Life Survey and conduct a final Personalized Interview to assess your progress. This approach allows us to directly compare your initial and final results, showcasing the changes in your physical and mental well-being throughout the course.


By repeating the HRQOL survey and the personalized interview, we can effectively measure the impact of the dietary interventions on various aspects of your life and health, from mood and energy levels to overall quality of life.


This final evaluation provides both you and the course facilitators with clear insights into your journey's successes and areas for ongoing health management.

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