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Season Plan

Precision Endurance Season Planning

  • 1 h
  • 400 British pounds
  • Engleheart Road

Service Description

Customised Season Plans: Tailored plans designed specifically for endurance athletes, integrating detailed training schedules and strategic periodisation to enhance performance and endurance. Python Analysis: Utilising advanced Python-based predictive modelling, I provide personalised insights and forecasts to optimise training loads, predict race times, and plan recovery phases based on your unique physiological responses. Sport Science Expertise: Grounded in sport science principles, my approach focuses on maximising performance efficiency while minimising the risk of overtraining through scientifically supported strategies. Nutritional Guidance: Personalised nutritional advice designed to fuel your training sessions, support recovery, and optimise overall performance throughout the season. Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment: Ongoing assessment of your progress and performance, coupled with real-time adjustments to your training plan to ensure you're on track to achieve your endurance goals. Reports and Summaries: Detailed reports generated from Python analysis are provided to clients. These reports include key metrics such as predicted race times, training load recommendations, and performance trends over time. Meetings or Consultations: Discussions are held either in person or virtually, where the analysis findings are reviewed and explained in detail. This allows for a personalised interpretation of the data and the opportunity to ask questions. Digital Platforms: Analysis results may be shared through secure digital platforms or via email, ensuring easy access and reference for clients at any time. Graphical Representation: Visual representations such as charts, graphs, and performance trends are used to illustrate the analysis findings clearly, aiding in understanding the insights derived from the data. Actionable Recommendations: Alongside the analysis, actionable recommendations are provided to guide clients on adjusting their training plans, nutrition strategies, and recovery protocols based on the insights gained.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: To cancel or reschedule your appointment, you will need to give us 24hrs notice for a full refund to to reschedule your appointment. If prior notice is not given before your appointment, then you will still be charged.

Contact Details

  • Engleheart Road, London SE6 2HP, UK


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